Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Why is sleeping so hard now. I used to be able to sleep without a problem now I'm up between 4 and 6 and cannot go back to sleep. It's awful. They tell me resting and relaxing right now is important but how am I supposed to do that. Today I woke up with a new set of problems. My legs hurt. I mean so painful I can't sleep hurt. I don't have any clue what happened or if it is a side effect from the steroids but they hurt. Hopfully the advil I took will help but I have to work tonight and pretend like I'm okay. Meanwhile I'm in pain, I'm sad, and I'm tired but it's my problem not anyone else's. I'm sure the rest of my day will shape up to be a good day but for now it's not starting strong.


  1. I have come to appreciate EVERY day you wake up, is a good day !! Love You !

  2. Perhaps doing deep breathing and relaxation techniques might help you. It works for me, when I get all stress out, I breath deeply (inhale and exhale) through my nostrils only - closed mouth and repeating, "Thy will be done". Or my gratitude ABC/100 list prayer - If I am not in a nice mood, it takes me awhile to start it, but I always come around to being grateful for Steve, Amy, Steven, family and friends, etc. I wish I was there. Love you!