Friday, January 13, 2012


It amazes me how one song can change your day. I was driving home from work tonight just having a woe is me moment. My head hurt all day and all I wanted to do was sleep. So instead of talking on the phone I turned on the radio. And what do you know it "bad" 90's rap was on. OMG I was in heaven. My bad day slipped away from me and before you know it I was rapping along and car dancing. It felt great! I know that I have bad taste is music but boy do I love that 90's rap. Oh Sally! Then after that a little Tag Team. I couldn't have been happier. Now I sit here having a small adult beverage and youtube surfing of "bad" 90's rap. Now I just might mix it up with the 80's and I will end up dancing in my living room. Sometimes it's nice to live by yourself because let's be real no one wants to see or hear that. I know I shouldn't quit my day job. My new item on my list is to have the most amazing play list for my potluck. Oh it will be all 80's and 90's so all attending be ready for a night filled with the most wonderful awful music you can imagine! I will be taking requests.


  1. The power of music is amazing! The right song can do wonders on a bad day! You should make a cd of your all time favorites to keep on hand.. Never know when you might feel like dancing.. (; Glad to hear that you're still smiling! I know a year seems like a long time (and it is! I will give you that..) but if sacrificing one year of your time will earn you another 60+ years of life, it is definitely worth fighting for! Keep dancing Dana! Maybe we can get Mandi to bring her karaoke machine to the potluck and you can rap us some bad 90's music! (:

  2. Dana, honestly, I dont even know where to start. I have beaten myself up for the last week trying to figure out what may be the right words to say. I have followed your blog since your first post and always anxiously wait for the next. I just cant imagine. Its just like you said, "how could this happen to me?" I mean, what can any of us even say to help put you at ease with this fight you are about to endure? I guess there is no right answer here. I just want to say that Im here with you in spirit and heart as much as we as human beings can feel for the ones we love. I miss you so much and the crazy fun times we would spend doing exactly what you described in this post. I mean seriously, there is absolutely NOBODY better to ride around and JAM to this "bad" old rap, than you! OMG remember what fun we'd have to Baby Got Back, and Ice Ice Baby..? Even Vanilla Ice couldnt party it up like we could. HAHA!!!!
    You are going to beat this thing, i know it! Your strength + the power of faith.. I love you and OMG i cant wait to see you on saturday, especially since we'll be jaaaamminnnnn!!!!
    P.s... Long hair, short hair, glasses or not, dude you make it all look FABULOUS!! You always have, duhhh !! I love you so much.